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We are a collective of watch enthusiasts who have been working in the luxury industry for over 35 years.

Our ethos is simple, we believe in quality, design, honesty, innovation and great personal service.

Every watch we present for sale is one we would like to own and passes our stringent set of tests for value, build, creativity and longevity.

We are not part of the pretentious watch set that thinks a person should be judged by the watch they wear. We simply like watches for their intricate mechanical engineering, terrific creativity and a seemingly endless range of designs and materials.

We prefer mechanical watches, but many quartz watches also show amazing thought and technological accomplishment. We include the quartz watches that stand out from the crowd and have something special about them.

Despite our name we also sell women’s watches, the name is simply a bow to the fact that watches are pretty much the one piece of jewellery that men wear over all others. We do not count gold medallions and invisible gold collar stiffeners, though we may sell these occasionally if they are special enough.

Special sums up the watches we sell. We look for those watches that may not have appeared on your radar, because the artisan or manufacture is independent or makes watches in small numbers that preclude large advertising budgets needed to reach a wider audience.

Each brand on this site has something unique about them in terms of design, quality for money, brand heritage, pride in their work and innovation in manufacture. There is history, time and passion embedded in every watch.

Enjoy browsing through our watches and please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions, we enjoy communicating directly with our clients, so we look forward to hearing from you.

And if you are an established premium brand, independent watch manufacturer or indeed a new watchmaker, please do get in touch, we would love to see and eventually promote and sell your work.

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Our ethos is simple, we believe in quality, design, honesty, innovation and great personal service.


Please get in touch if you need any help, advice or simply to chat about watches.

UK +44 (0) 20 7097 3985
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Simply the best friendly, honest, personal service and advice of any watch company out there.

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