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Quinting Cyclone Yellow Or Rose 156 Diamonds 4 Sapphires Watch

£ 36,984.00

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  • CHF: CHF41,142.48
  • USD: $45,269.72


After 4 years of additional research and development Quinting Manufacture revolutionised the watch-making industry by launching the 3-hand (hours, minutes and seconds) transparent or invisible watch.

This time-only model features a new patented movement: the Cyclone. The Cyclone is Quinting’s answer to Abraham-Louis Breguet’s Tourbillon.

The Cyclone was created to counterbalance forces of gravity and synergy based on brusque movements of the wrist, whereas the tourbillon compensated the effects of gravity for pocket watches. This is the first movement in the world with counter balancing forces invented for the second hand.

The watch is composed of 186 parts and includes: 9 perfectly parallel sapphire layers, 4 (hour, minute, second, and false seconds) of which are mobile.

The invisible or transparency watch, as see-through and revolutionary as the Quinting Mysterious Chronograph, is available in both men’s and women’s models. Despite having a slightly smaller diameter than the Mysterious Chronograph, it respects the same form and displays its luminous transparency, unique to Quinting Watches. Creative, audacious, flamboyant, and perfectly aesthetic, the transparency catches the imagination of both aficionados and connoisseurs looking for something completely unique.

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