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With power and passion, Noalia depicts Spanish tradition: horses flying off the canvas, mighty ‘toros’ (fighting bulls), and the vibrant ‘Gallo’ (cockerel) King of the Farmyard. He attempts to describe his unique, impulsive creative process.    

Tourists are flocking back to Spain, where Seville is a city of incomparable allure for flamenco, the corrida (bull fight), great art, beautiful women in lace mantillas riding with their handsome ‘novios’. An atmosphere of fiesta prevails. 

David Noalia lives and works in Seville, the capital of Andalusia, the city of his dreams and source of inspiration.     

He returns to a favourite subject for this show: the Andalusian Horse, also known as the Pure Spanish Horse. 

 This breed belongs to the Iberian Peninsula, where its ancestors have lived for thousands of years.  He describes the subject as ‘essential, it allows me to reach any person or culture. It is a universal theme, and I am passionate about movement, elegance, and power.’ 

 He continues:  ‘Painting is a necessity for me to express my emotions.  Each brushstroke is charged with emotion. I am engaged in a constant search to find what moves us.  The horse, the bull, and the vibrant cockerel are the channels through which I hope to transmit feeling in this forthcoming exhibition.’ 

 On his technique: ‘Splashes of colour are part of my creative process.  At this moment I become more spontaneous, courageous, and less rational.

 I apply the paint with round brushes, a spatula, and my fingers, throwing the paint at random, and the result, an orderly mess, can surprise and excite me.  The canvas gains more texture, and greater visual quality.’ 

David Noalia, who sold his first painting at 17, has won fourteen first prizes in art competitions throughout Spain from 1996 to 2015, held exhibitions in Madrid, Paris, Mallorca, and Marbella.  His greatest influences are ‘the brushstrokes of Velazquez, the light and colour of Sorolla, and the courage of Gerhard Richter. 

The freshness and energy of his painting attracts collectors from the UK, Europe, the US, and the Middle East.


‘My paintings, my colours, and brushstrokes speak most about me.  I am a restless, receptive person; everything interests me, different cultures, history, the contemporary, and the universe.   I always think of the world, in general as a universal thought.  Lover of beauty, of hidden beauty. The subtle, the magical, which excites us, even if it is a simple stone or a mountainous landscape, or the look of a child, old man, or woman.  I’m very passionate about life. 

I know how a work of art starts, but I never know how it will end.  That keeps me in a constant pulse with the painting, and in the moment that moves me.  That tells me something, once it acquires its own character, it is finished.  It is not a matter of time, but sensation.

For me, the importance of the canvas is that it transmits, that each piece becomes something unique, with its own identity. These paintings on display are the result of thousands of hours of work, searching for an idea, and the idea of emotion, of capturing all the magic on canvas through gesture, colour, light, harmony, and atmosphere.  These are the signs of identity in my paintings, so I hope they feel the same as me when painting them, the passion for the arts and life.  

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