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Faceittea-A Natural Skincare Brand On A Mission

Faceittea is a sustainable skincare brand that will revitalise your skincare routine with all-natural plant-based ingredients, and also help look after our planet with zero-waste packaging.

The beauty industry creates 120 billion units of packaging every year, contributing to the estimated 8 million tons of plastic which ends up in the ocean on a yearly basis.

Synthetic chemicals found in many skincare products are also regularly washed into the oceans and harm marine life.

Faceittea offers people an all-natural skincare product range, with zero plastic packaging, zero harmful chemicals, and purely plant-based ingredients.

I wanted to properly cleanse my skin with a sustainable skincare brand. So the first product I tried was the Skin Reset.

Skin Reset – Organic Lavender Cleansing Pads (RRP: £13.99) Cleansing pads made with pure organic lavender tea and konjac, perfect for all skin types.
Lavender tea helps clear skin, reduce inflammation, redness, and irritation.
Naturally treats and brightens skin discolouration and dark spots.
A calming routine that promotes the appearance of healthy, calm and vibrant skin. It leaves a clean fresh feel to your skin.

Skin Reset Mask (£24.99)
Pure organic lavender clay helps brighten, soothe and exfoliate skin, perfect for normal to dry skin.
Lavender tea’s antifungal properties help soothe skin, reduce inflammation and prevent future breakouts.
Coconut powder helps soothe dry, irritated skin to leave it hydrated and healthier.
White clay reduces pore size by drawing out oil and grime. Also helps remove dead and dry skin cells.

This was my favourite, it was great fun to use and had a unique scent and a very vibrant colour whilst being all-natural.

Miracle Oil (RRP: £32.00)
Minimises dark spots and fine lines with virgin marula oil, perfect for dry to normal skin.
Marula oil is packed with high antioxidants, essential fatty acids and amino acids, helping keep skin soft, supple and moisturised.

I found this helped to replenish my skin and hydrate leaving no blemishes or residue.

Heal n’ Glow (RRP: £35.00)
Plant-based treatment balm uses a powerful blend of medicinal herbs and blossoms that has everything in your skin needs to look and feel clear, hydrated and healthy.
Can be used as a spot treatment, mask or whenever skins need some extra love.
Shea butter contains essential fatty acids and vitamins to condition, tone and soothe the skin.

This felt smooth on my skin and softened the skin texture. It brightened my look and was very calming too.

The packaging was well made and stood out from other skincare brands. I loved the unique scents and the range made lovely use of bright colours. All the Faceittea products are competitively priced for the quality. Plus the instructions were clear and easy to follow and made my daily routine extremely enjoyable.


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